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Do you want to live a lighter life?

And to finally experience your success internally as much as it shows to the outside?

Ever felt the weight of success without truly experiencing it? It’s time to bridge the gap between external achievements and inner fulfillment. You’ve conquered personal and leadership development, proving your resilience and dedication. Yet, you sense a void – a loneliness, a struggle to connect at your level, or an emptiness within.

Imagine a life where success isn’t just a checklist but a visceral experience, where limitations are explored and success becomes more profound. That’s where the LUX Year Program steps in.


"The LUX program with Emma gave me insight into my old pain and old patterns. Since I've released this, I can bear the responsibility of my life much better. My transformation has a major impact not only on myself, but also on my wife and children, and actually all the people I care about."

"I have experienced Emma as a very nice coach to work with. Her holistic approach works especially well for me. We recorded a podcast together, in which I talk more about my transformation and want to break the taboo on asking for help. I wish this for everyone."
Dai Carter (34)
Ex-special forces, author and speaker
"Four painful points resolved in the first hour. A very special morning. What a woman, what a light. This alone was worth the investment."

"As a coach, Emma is a very nice mirror, with whom I felt very safe. I trusted every sentence she said and felt enormously supported. What I found very special was that Emma came up with seemingly simple comments or analyzes that made sense immediately. They really helped me. I recognize my pitfalls very quickly and can now make choices about them."
Woman (70)
"During Emma's training, my team and I received a nice mix of exercises and insights into a healthier work- and lifestyle. In particular, the insight that you can recognize and implement concrete adjustments in a very short time that will actually help you with issues that were playing for a long time already, was very valuable."

"I would recommend Emma for any leader and specifically when setting up a new team, for team building and for teams with a high workload. Emma helps enormously in creating an open, vulnerable mindset to identify problems and challenges."
Dennis Klomp (45)
Professor UMC Utrecht

A lighter life…

… by experiencing pleasure and energy in your work.
… by being able to make important decisions in work and private life with certainty and confidence.
… by experiencing more resilience in yourself and your company.
… by living according to the values ​​that matter to you.
… by letting go of destructive behavior.
… by (re)finding a meaning or purpose.
… by establishing and maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself and others.
… by experiencing freedom in mind and body.
… by enjoying life!


The LUX Year Program

- Tailored for Leaders and Entrepreneurs: Whether you're a business owner or hold a high management position, this program is designed for you.
- Personalized Trajectory: Your journey is unique, and the LUX program adapts to your specific needs.
- Tools and Support: I provide all the necessary tools, questions, reflections, and support for your transformation.
- Sustainable Transformation: Learn to play your new life game, ensuring lasting results that continue long after the program ends.
- Your Result: As you progress, the barriers holding you back from your life path diminish, paving the way for a more versatile, meaningful, and lighter life.