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My experience in hospitals and mental health care settings have helped me to realize how important the role of the mind-body connection is in leading a light, happy, healthy, and successful life. Struggles with loneliness, a feeling of emptiness, difficulties with work-life balance, or lack of meaning can make life feel heavy. I will approach these problems from a holistic point of view, taking into account all aspects of you as a person to help you in the best way possible. Depending on your personality, issues, wishes, and life history, I will select the techniques that will best suit your needs.

Examples of my methods are:

Coaching for me means asking the right questions. I will challenge you to reflect on your thinking, your behavioral patterns, and your feelings, with the aim of getting you closer to your desired life. My coaching style is goal-oriented, always supportive, and sometimes confrontational.

CBT is a form of psychological treatment, in which your thoughts and actions are examined and interpreted to explain certain feelings you have and, if desired, to change them.

Often situations in life are out of our control – despite how difficult that can be for people to bear. I like to apply ACT when you are looking for ways to accept situations as they are, without wanting to change them. Acceptance can bring a deep experience of peace and freedom.

Not only does the world around us change continuously, you as a person also change over the years. Things that used to be important to you may later lose their value. If you do not actively work with this, it can give a feeling of a meaningless existence. With this form of therapy, I help you to discover how you can experience meaning in your life again and maintain it over the long term.

I am still amazed by the enormous resilience that we as humans have. Searching for your strengths and using them to achieve positive goals in your life is therefore part of the trajectory that you follow with me.

EMDR stands for Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing, a specialized form of treatment for alleviating trauma-related complaints. If you have such complaints, I can apply EMDR.

I see yoga as one of the strongest forms of therapy to relieve all kinds of complaints through the body and to get closer to your goals. Yoga therapy can take various forms, such as series of yoga postures, mindfulness exercises, meditations, and breathing techniques.