I am Emma Hafkamp

I am a ​​clinical psychologist, life coach and yoga therapist. I help entrepreneurs, CEO’s and managers who do not feel mentally free, so that they can live a lighter life.

After a beautiful childhood with my mother and brother in the down-to-earth region of Friesland, I ended up in Amsterdam, where I was inspired by all the possibilities and varieties of people and experiences. Sincere curiosity is what brought me to many places during that time. ‘Who are we as human beings?’ and ‘What are the reasons behind our actions?’ were the questions I asked during my studies in health care psychology and cultural anthropology. Through my father, I came into contact with yoga and started to experience and value the mind-body connection. I learned that personal challenges can be approached from different angles – by tapping into the physical, a greater chance of healing the mental can be achieved.

My look at life

My previous work experience in hospitals and mental health care settings has had a huge impact on how I approach my own life and also how I view others. Good health is essential for experiencing a happy and meaningful life. Making conscious choices for yourself while reflecting on your values, goals and desires are prerequisites for leading a beautiful, meaningful, lighter and brighter life.

Sometimes I feel that keeping my own life light can also be a challenge. In addition to yoga, being active with other sports helps me a lot. I love to be in touch with nature while out on my racing biking, running, and skiing. I enjoy family and friends, music (jazz, soul, and hip-hop), Thai cuisine, being on the water, and the scariest rollercoasters. My work gives me meaning because I can help people to organize their lives in such a way that they can get the best out of themselves and others. In this way, I hope to contribute to a healthier world.


I strive to continually improve myself and have deepened my knowledge about the body and mind on all kinds of levels through the following courses:

● Healthcare Psychology
● BIG training to become a clinical psychologist (in Dutch: GZ-psycholoog)
● EMDR basic training
● Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
● Schema therapy basic training
● Postmaster Medical Psychology
● Training in psychotherapy Managing Cancer and Living Meaningfully (CALM)
● Yoga teacher training