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"Through the LUX program with Emma, I have gained insight into my old pain and old patterns. Since I have released these, I can bear the responsibility of my life much better. My transformation not only has a major impact on myself, but also on my wife and children, and actually all the people I care about."

"I have experienced Emma as a very nice coach to work with. Her holistic approach works especially well for me. We recorded a podcast together, in which I talk more about my transformation and want to break the taboo on asking for help. I wish this for everyone
Dai Carter (34)
Ex-special forces, author and speaker
"As a coach, Emma is a very clear mirror, with whom I felt very safe. I trusted every sentence she said and felt very supported. What I found very special was that Emma came up with seemingly simple comments or analyzes that immediately were the core of the problem. I recognize my pitfalls very quickly and can now make choices to do things differently."

"I will always keep looking for new paths, exciting things, crazy adventures. But now because I want to, not because I think that my environment sees me as more fun, more beautiful, nicer or more daring. What a freedom, what a light."
Peggy (70)
"During Emma's training, my team and I received a nice mix of exercises and insights into a healthier work and lifestyle. In particular, the insight that you can recognize and implement concrete adjustments in a very short time that will actually help you with issues that may arise. playing for a long time was very valuable."

"I would recommend Emma for any leader and specifically when setting up a new team, for team building and for teams with a high workload. Emma helps enormously in creating an open, vulnerable mindset to identify problems and challenges."
Dennis Klomp (45)
Professor UMC Utrecht
"Emma made me realize that I let my life be determined by a negative belief about myself, which I learned from my parents during my childhood. This insight allowed me to let go of this negative belief step by step and allow a new belief about myself. Since then I feel lighter and more confident and can enjoy life more. My partner and daughter notice this too. We play and laugh more. I feel really happy."
Woman (42)
"During the trajectory Emma was so genuinely present. I felt very seen by her. This helped me to feel and express my emotions much faster than usual, I felt safe. Through the trajectory I learned how my thoughts affect my feelings and my body, and vice versa. This insight has provided me with very concrete tools to relax better and faster, such as exercises with my breath, giving colors and words to my emotions and writing down specific thoughts."
Man (56)
"Communicating better is really what I learned during the trajectory with Emma. Communicating better to myself by feeling more aware of what I need and acting accordingly, and communicating better to others by paying more attention to my posture, tone and implicit judgements. This makes me calmer and often gets my message to others much better. I enjoy my work again and feel healthier."
Woman (49)
"Working with Emma is a detox for the mind. Deep reflection on the theme of happiness and contentment. Learning to remain calm in the storm of life. Emma is a good guide on this journey towards resilience. She has not only helped myself, but also let my entire team experience how discussing and experiencing emotions together leads to more connection, meaningful relationships and a healthier work culture."
Edward Nagel (60)
Head of department at DNV
"I have been peeled back like an onion to the core, where I have discovered things that I did not know before. I have learned from Emma that I can tell myself a different core story, which allows me to feel and express my own value much more. I feel more confident in my relationships and friendships, dare to be more vulnerable and therefore experience much more connection. And suddenly, as an entrepreneur, I also started asking a higher rate, because I no longer estimate myself to be lower than I actually am. What a wealth.”
Bas (36)
"When I first contacted Emma, I got the feeling that she saw right through me. This immediately made me think: she should be my coach. Because with her I can't get away with smart talk or sticking to the surface. Even though this is sometimes uncomfortable, it brings me the most growth and that is exactly what I was looking for."
Man (55)
"With Emma, I experienced for the first time the safety to talk openly and vulnerably about my past. This allowed me to really look at my past and process a lot of old pain. This has had an important impact on my leadership in the store that I own and on my role as a husband."
Man (43)
Shop owner
"To be honest, I had a completely different expectation from the LUX program. That it would provide me concrete tools for my career, for example. But from the first session it was about a deep connection with myself, in which I learn how to create space for my own value and my existence. It touches me enormously that I can now experience this in my life."
Woman (48)
Studio owner & entrepreneur
"The great value of following a program with Emma is that I have a stable, safe and open place to which I can return time and time again. To reflect and to share my story. This helps me enormously in being able to take my responsibility in my position as CEO and at the same time as a mother."
Woman (51)
CEO at an international company