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The LUX Year Program

The LUX Year Program

Do you recognize this?

Ever felt the weight of success without truly experiencing it? It's time to bridge the gap between external achievements and inner fulfillment. I understand you've conquered personal and leadership development, proving your resilience and dedication. Yet, you sense a void – a loneliness, a struggle to connect at your level, or an emptiness within.

Imagine a life where success isn't just a checklist but a visceral experience, where limitations are explored and success becomes more profound. That's where the LUX Year Program steps in.

Are you ready for a real challenge?

I invite you to go beyond the well-functioning facade and join me in a journey of self-discovery and expansion. You've acquired knowledge, but conscious living requires a deeper level of understanding. Let's challenge those subtle limitations together, unlocking a freer, deeper, and broader version of your current success.

As an exclusive psychotherapist and coach for top entrepreneurs and leaders in the Netherlands, I offer a unique blend of psychotherapy and bodywork tailored to your needs. My approach goes beyond words – it's about what you feel, understand, and redefine. Together, we can quickly identify unconscious or subtle limitations, allowing you to experience success and growth on a profound level.

Why the LUX Year Program?

- Tailored for Leaders and Entrepreneurs: Whether you're a business owner or hold a high management position, this program is designed for you.
- Personalized Program: Your journey is unique, and the LUX program adapts to your specific needs.
- Tools and Support: I provide all the necessary tools, questions, reflections, and support for your transformation.
- Sustainable Transformation: Learn to play your new life game, ensuring lasting results that continue long after the program ends.

Your Result:

As you progress, the barriers holding you back from your life path diminish, paving the way for a more versatile, meaningful, and lighter life. I commit to your success in every sense of the word, offering my expertise to facilitate your transformation. The question is, do you dare to embark on this journey?

Are you ready to step into a lighter, more fulfilling life?

The choice is yours.